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Welcome to Pathways Clinic

Pathways Clinic is a natural fertility clinic in South West London, specialising in fertility issues.

We believe fertility and pregnancy care should be highly personal and customized to meet the unique needs and complex challenges of each patient while being effective and safe.

Pathways Clinic specializes in improving egg/sperm/ embryo quality and providing implantation support to prevent miscarriage. These are not only paramount in natural conception, but determining factors in IVF outcome.

Dr Ryu has successfully supported people who are undergoing IVF through preparation in between the cycles, during controlled ovarian hyperstimulation and frozen embryo transfer. She has treated patients with fertility and pregnancy loss issues in UK for the last 15 years.

“My approach to reproductive health is both holistic and functional.
My objective is to combine time-tested traditional medicine with the latest research.”


Our main therapeutic modalities make use of historically established treatments such as acupuncture therapy, herbal fertility formulations and latest nutrition/diet and functional medicine. We incorporate the best methodology developed in integrative fertility clinics and teaching hospitals in Seoul, Korea

Male Factors

Male factor is a common cause of infertility and the male partner must be systematically evaluated in the workup of every infertile couple. Male infertility

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