Supporting you and your IVF programme


If you choose to take advantage of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in your journey to creating a family, Eastern medicine will remain an important part of your treatment plan here.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment used in conjunction with IVF are associated with more live births and fewer adverse outcomes.

Eastern medicine is known to improve ART outcomes in many ways: 

It stimulates your brain-ovary hormonal and neural connections and prepares you for IVF.

It improves your response to the IVF medications.

It reduces the side effects from the IVF medications.

It Improves blood flow and supports the endometrium for those suffering from a thin uterinelining.

It assists in follicular growth, uterine receptivity and synchronicity.

It reduces the risk of miscarriage and increases the chance of live birth.

It recalibrates your stress response and tones down the sympathetic nervous system, thus reducing the stress and anxiety associated with IVF


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